How To Get High Grades On College

Are you ready to go to college? Has it been a while since you’ve attended college? Are you in need of help? Whatever your situation, this article can help. You will be able to go back! You will be able to reach your goals this way. This article will provide you with important information. You […]


Jaleel Johnson, Lane Taylor visit Texans

The Texans have signed dozens of free agents this offseason and they aren’t done looking at options to join the roster. The NFL’s daily transaction wire brings word that they had defensive lineman Jaleel Johnson and offensive lineman Lane Taylor in for visits. Johnson was a 2017 fourth-round pick in Minnesota and he’s played his […]


Are vegan diets good for your heart?

Around a half-million British people are now vegan, according to the Vegan Society. In the US, there’s been a 300% increase in the number of American vegans in the past 15 years. There are many reasons why people may adopt a vegan diet, such as animal welfare, sustainability or to lose weight. Another reason that’s […]


Mizuho may face $90 million loss from Archegos, Nikkei says

Japanese financial firm Mizuho Financial Group Inc may face a loss of 10 billion yen ($90 million) from deals with Archegos Capital Management, the Nikkei newspaper reported on Thursday. The Financial Times earlier reported that Mizuho had conducted an investigation into its possible losses related to the U.S.-based fund, and its potential losses could be […]


Man finds his PC infested with bugs of the six-legged kind

PCs and bugs. They’re two words we never like seeing together, especially when the latter refers to the insect variety. One Reddit user discovered this when he returned home to find his CPU and GPU infested with “crazy ants.”Lazylollipop posted a video of the crazy ants, which get their name from their frantic and erratic […]


Man Mailed Himself Home in a Box From Australia now He’s Looking for the Pals Who Helped Him

Homesickness is a malady with only one known cure. Going home. But sometimes the circumstances are against you. When that happens, people can resort to some pretty bizarre schemes to get themselves back where they long to be. At age 19, an unhappy Brian Robson was working in Melbourne, Australia but sorely pining for his […]


Scott Fitterer: We’ll find Teddy Bridgewater’s right place, whether here or elsewhere

The Panthers trade for quarterback Sam Darnold on Monday seems to signal the end of the road for Teddy Bridgewater‘s time with the franchise. General Manager Scott Fitterer didn’t come out and say that explicitly in his press conference to discuss the trade. But he came close. “We’re going to find the right place [for […]


Kids with autism can really benefit from exercise

Being active is good for most everyone, and new studies now show it can help kids with autism manage common behavioral issues. “Exercise goes beyond health-related benefits and increased levels of fitness for those with autism,” said David Geslak, a pioneer in using exercise to help kids with autism. “Research shows that exercise can increase […]


Deutsche Telekom confirms outlook at annual general meeting

Deutsche Telekom confirmed its outlook for 2020 on Thursday ahead of its annual general meeting where investors are expected to call for a review of its dividend policy in light of last year’s strong results. The Bonn-based telecoms group confirmed that it expected its adjusted core profit to rise to 37 billion euros ($43.4 billion)this […]


Microsoft agrees to acquire speech tech company Nuance for $19.7 billion in cash

Microsoft may have struck out with Cortana but is getting a mulligan with Nuance. Redmond is only talking healthcare applications right now but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Nuance tech show up in other Microsoft-owned products like Teams down the road.Microsoft has agreed to purchase speech recognition and artificial intelligence specialist Nuance in a […]